How to pick a wetsuit?

Let's jump straight into it!

The choice between a 5/4mm and a 2.5mm wetsuit in the UK would largely depend on the intended use and the water temperatures you expect to encounter.

  • A 5/4mm wetsuit typically offers more warmth and insulation and would be suitable for colder water temperatures, especially during the winter months in the UK when the water can be quite cold. This thickness provides more neoprene layers, which trap more heat and provide better protection against the cold.
  • On the other hand, a 2.5mm wetsuit is thinner and lighter, offering less insulation but greater flexibility and mobility. It would be suitable for warmer conditions or during the summer months when the water temperature is higher.

If you plan to dive or surf in colder waters or during the colder seasons, a 5/4mm wetsuit would be a better choice to keep you warm and comfortable. However, if you're primarily going to be in warmer waters or during the summer, a 2.5mm wetsuit might be more appropriate for better flexibility and comfort without overheating.